Generation Gap

Spending time with my two kids at a various social events like birthdays, picnics and similar get-togethers got me thinking about how will the gap between our generations look like. What music will they listen to to annoy us if our music will be “in trend”? Or as Gill Sutherland asked herself in I want my kids to rebel: “[...] am I leaving my own dear children no room to rebel”?

The Value of the Stylus Pen

In his post Apps and the Apple TV David Barnard (@drbarnard) wrote that “direct manipulation of objects on a touch screen device is a fundamental change in human-computer interaction and is undoubtedly the future of most, if not all, consumer computing devices. The age of the mouse is ending, but the implications are still unclear to most.” And as much as I can agree that multitouch screen is having a great impact on our interaction with computers, I cannot agree that the best solution is to replace the mouse with the touchscreen … only.

26.8.2011 v: UX/IA | Komentirano 2-krat

Prostor, kjer ste se znašli, je namenjen ohranjanju stikov z osebami, ki me navdihujejo, in idejam, ki jim posvečam večji del svojega časa.

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